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A Great Lab Needs Great Materials
At ProLab Installations we will help you choose the best materials for your needs.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Engineered Laminate
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Polypropylene

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"The ProLab Installations team was so great to work with -- they worked with our managers to create a lab we could be proud of. Thank you!"

--satisfied customer


Q: How can I tell if it's time for a new laboratory, or just an update?

A: Many factors go into the decision to rebuild or update an existing laboratory. If the space has wear and tear on the surfaces, an update the the laboratory may be all that is needed. If the laboratory is out-of-date and cannot handle the new technology that is needed to be in compliance, then it may be time for a new laboratory. ProLab Installations and their planning associates can visit your site to asses your best options. Contact the ProLab Installations team today to set up an appointment. We install new laboratories and refurbish existing laboratories in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and New York.


Q: What about “green” laboratory construction?

A: There are a number of developments especially involving fume hoods that can greatly reduce a lab’s carbon footprint. We would be happy to discuss low-flow hoods, alternative HVAC systems, even recirculating hoods where applicable. There are many options available and in some circumstances financial help is available from utility companies for the initial purchase.

hundreds of thousands of dollars in heating and air-conditioning costs over the life of the hood with enlightened planning. Contact the ProLab Installations team to find out more about setting up your energy-efficient lab.


Q: Where can I find out more information on your services?

A: You can contact the ProLab Installations team directly with questions. Prolab Installations will install new or renovate your existing science, industrial or medical laboratory.

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