ProLab Installations, Specializing in Quality Laboratory Installations in the New England and New York Areas
The ProLabInstall Team at work installing a science lab

At ProLab Installations we are installers first. We also provide a complete range of services including:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Fume Hoods and
  • Ventilation
  • Implementation

Our service area includes New England and New York.

Contact the ProLab Installation experts today to jumpstart your project!

Laboratory Pride

At ProLab Installations, we understand the pride of having a modern professionally installed laboratory. It is a high-tech center of the facility and is often a show-place to customers and visitors.

Pro Lab Installations pledges to work diligently to provide a quality lab installation. We realize that a truly successful installation goes beyond that. As members of your project team, we act courteously and professionally with everyone involved in the project, from designer to end-user.

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